About L'Ecole de la Dance

The most prestigious methods of teaching ballet are the Cecchetti and the Royal Academy of Dance methods both founded by Enrico Cecchetti and the Vaganova method founded by Agripina Vaganova.  L'Ecole de la Dance offers both Cecchetti and Vaganova classes as well as annual Cecchetti examinations.

The L’Ecole de la Dance faculty will bring to your child the very best in dance education.  Your child will learn to dance for the pleasure and satisfaction it brings and will learn to move with form and line that will be a most welcome sight to the observer.

During the coming year your child will learn to dance whatever can be spoken, written, seen, and heard.  Continuity of movement will be taught with grace, coordination and musical rhythm, both within a group and alone.  Special attention will be given to each child during class to train the child to move with care and precision so that each part of their anatomy will develop properly.